What is phonegap

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What is phonegap

Nowadays, with the growth of HTML5, more and more developers want to use this technology as a "kungfu martial" to hit the Mobile market because its advantages. In fact, HTML5 has had a successful start on the PC platform. At this moment, there is lots of browser support HTML5 and this number seems to be increased.
First, I'll point out the concept of mobile applications. Today, the field of mobile application development exist 3 concept is: Native Application, Web Application and Hybird Application.

  • Natitve Application: The application is built with the mainstream programming language/ platform  by the mobile manufacturer regulations (eg: Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android, .NET for Windows Phone, ...). Advantages of Native App is develepers can freely access the system, the hardware of the device (such as file system, camera, microphone, accelerometer ...). The downside is constrained to technology and platform manufacturers offer.
  • Web Application: The application is built on the web platform (which is typical HTML5), only works on your phone browser. The precursor of this idea is the site with a highly customizable interface, runs on multiple screen resolutions, later it grows rapidly and forms a new direction for the development of mobile applications. Advantages of Web Application is developers  can comfortably develop applications without concern platform because it cross-platform. The downside is it can't reach deep into the system and devices as native app.
  • Hybrid Application: A cross between two concepts Native App and Web App. It is understandable that these applications are: a native app webview only one object on the screen, used to display content web app, web app communicates with native app via a bridge to brings the power of a native for the web app.

And today, i want to discuss about Phone Gap - is a typical representative of the Hybrid Application.


What is PhoneGap?

_ PhoneGap is a development tool platform to develop applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, webOS, Bada, Symbian at the same time, write once, compile and run through the cloud. PhoneGap allows developers to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript for its application. We should know that: PhoneGap is an open source project completely free of Nitobi, it helps application development easier for all operating systems. First developed at an event in San Francisco iPhoneDevCamp, PhoneGap continue to win awards at O'Reilly Media Choice Award 2009 at the Web 2.0 conference in April 2009 (4 other products also won include: 80 legs, zealLog, Bantam Network, Dubmenow) it opens up new avenues for the development of web applications. Since then 600,000 downloads and thousands of applications to be developed based on the PhoneGap. Apple has confirmed that this Framework was approved.

_ Although PhoneGap created by Nitobi but behind PhoneGap is the contribution of many people in large organizations like IBM, RIM and Microsoft. PhoneGap also asserted that: They have an attractive community development, active open, transparent and collaborative.

_ PhoneGap framework used by some mobile application platform as Worklight, Convertigo and appMobi as the backend of engine development for mobile phones of their customers. Adobe officially announced the acquisition of Nitobi Software (the original developer) in October 2011, and then PhoneGap code was used for the Apache Software Foundation to start a new project called Apache Cordova.

PhoneGap advantages:

If you are a programmer or those working in the field of information then you might remember the term: "Write one, shaking any where" appeared and became a craze on the day 05.23.1995. The computer company Sun Microsystems has introduced a new programming tool - the Java language. Java was born with a land destined to overcome difficulties in converting applications written for the operating system OS and the CPU processing different systems. Therefore, programmers just write applications in Java exactly once, and then can use this application on different operating systems like Windows 95, Windows NT, Mac OS, Unix, ... under the motto: "write once, use anywhere". The run everywhere actually not the exact words of its true sense but rather a virtual machine running on the JVM. And JVM was designed to fit all the hardware devices. Means: To be able to run Java applications it is mandatory that we must set JVM. In the latter system we sometimes mistakenly believe that Java can run easily on the mobile device without having to perform a JVM installed. Actually the JVM has been preloaded into the device before.

And what about PhoneGap? Does PhoneGap write applications that run anywhere without JVM?

Come back to key issue: PhoneGap is not a programming language. So HTML, CSS and JavaScript is the language that we discussed. Actually JVM JavaScript needs to perform its tasks. But did you know that JavaScript JVM is the Web browser? And every devices nowadays have Web browser and any device that has a Web browser was the default JVM that is installed on the mobile device. Here you will set the right question: Why have a Web browser that can run HTML, CSS and JavaScript PhoneGap then need anything else? The answer is correct. But only a part. Here we must mention the distribution problem. The packaging of all these individual files including HTML, CSS and JavaScript into a unity like: EXE, APK, JAR ... is a real need very necessary. Now the distribution of products on the Store will be extremely easy. PhoneGap help us do that. Also PhoneGap allows us to access the interface in the application (API).

Website PhoneGap: http://phonegap.com/

Watch this video to know more about PhoneGap:


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