Using android emulator in eclipse

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Using android emulator in eclipse

1. Android Virtual Device:

  • You have many options to create a Android virtual machine ,the first options have to mention that Android Virtual Device.
  • Android Virtual Device are available on Android SDK package, there are a lot of options about the OS version, screen size, resolution, ... to create virtual machines, all located in the management program called Android Virtual Device Manager.
  • Note: basically, the current developers are no longer used to the Android Virtual Device, because virtual machines are very slow, difficult to debug, generally bad. Therefore, you can skip this section, please read the next section below on creating virtual machines Genymotion, later we will talk about using Genymotion not mention Android Virtual Device In addition, this section only for reference only.
  • To start creating Android Virtual Device, click the icon   in the bottom toolbar of the Eclipse menu. And then click New

  • A new window appears. Here you can fill in the name of the virtual machine, select the type of screen and resolution, select the version of the operating system and other configurations as shown below.

  • After setting the parameters, click OK to finish.
  • When Android Virtual Device Manager window appears the information you created the virtual machine, you can create as many virtual machines as you like with different OS versions, screen sizes and different resolutions, lists of the virtual machines you created will show up Android virtual Device Manager window, every time you open this window on the virtual machines you created earlier are remain, and you simply select a virtual machine needs to run up (or can run multiple virtual machines by selecting each machine and press start ...).
  • Select the virtual machine you just created a while ago and click Start ...

  • Wait to see Android virtual machine as shown below.

  • You have successfully run Android Virtual Device.

2. Launching application on a virtual machine:

  • To begin the launch of our first application on a virtual machine, we have several ways, one can find round blue icon with white triangles inside the toolbar, but do not click on this icon Click black arrow next to the check box to open the application was run earlier (by Eclipse simultaneously manage multiple projects, each project has been launched previously on the list will be saved in the small box).

  • If small dialog box appears with Reminder app name on it, it means you had run the application, you simply click on the Reminder app and skip the next step below. If there is no text appears launch history (as shown below) or the name on the Reminder app then you should continued on to the steps below.

  • In case you have not yet launched Reminder times as stated above, you should look to the Package Explorer window, as shown below (if not anywhere see this window, you can go to menu Window / Show View and select Explore Package for Eclipse show off). In the Package Explorer window right click on the project Reminder choose Run As / Android Application.

At this point there will be a small dialog box appears to verify that you will launch the application on the device does (or does not have any dialog boxes depending original configuration of Eclipse). If there's one dialog appears on the selected virtual machine to run and click OK.

3. Genymotion Virtual Machine:

Genymotion is an emulator for Android (x86 hardware acceleration OpenGL) and available on the Android version is preconfigured. This is the virtual machine used for testing applications. This project was developed from the old version and now AndroidVM. According to the developer world, this is a virtual machine to run many times faster than Android Emulator and saves time when testing applications.

Genymotion Feature:

  • Dễ dàng tải và cài đặt các phiển bản Android ảo như Android 4.1.1 và 4.2.2 (hỗ trợ x86): Nexus 7, Nexus S, Nexus One Jelly Bean, 10.1'', độ phân giải WXGA Tablet, 7.0'' và WSVGA Tablet, tất cả có hoặc không có Google Apps (Play Store, vv).
  • Mạng: Ethernet (giả lập kết nối WiFi).
  • GPS (có cấu hình tọa độ) và pin (với mức pin cấu hình) và widget giả lập.
  • Màn hình hiển thị: tăng tốc phần cứng OpenGL, đa màn hình, hiển thị toàn màn hình.
  • Genymotion shell allows interaction with the virtual machine using the command line.
  • ADB support.
  • Eclipse and Android Studio plugin.
  • Support for Linux, Windows and Mac.

The following section will guide you how to install and use Genymotion test purposes when developing Android applications:

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Download and install Genymotion from the site. Note: you must be logged into the site, the new load. I recommend download version Genymotion with VirtualBox (a VMWare virtual machine similar but free and open source).

Step 3:

  • Open Genymotion and click Add. Choose a suitable devices, for example google nexus 4 - 4.2.2

Step 4:

  • Your login conducted using accounts registered on the website Genymotion.


Step 5:

  • In the dialog box, select the virtual machine and Genymotion you press Play or the Virtual Devices Genymotion Manager window, select the virtual machine and click Start.
  • If this is your first time running the virtual machine, ask your Genymotion installation path of the Android SDK. Click Yes in the window and click Browse required to choose the path to the Android SDK folder.
  • And here is the virtual machine interface Genymotion.

Step 6:

  • Configured to test Android applications on virtual machines.
  • Right-click the project, select Run As -> Run Configurations.
  • At Target, we select Always prompt to pick device.
  • Virtual machine selection dialog appears, select the virtual machine Genymotion us (note that you need to start the virtual machine Genymotion earlier so you can see the virtual machine name in the dialog box selected). Click OK.

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